ESG, sustainability and responsible business

Responsible business, sustainable business, ESG (environmental, social, governance) – however you choose to term it – is moving up the boardroom agenda across sectors.

There is a rapidly growing recognition that value is about more than pure financial returns and businesses are grappling with many overlapping themes. They are decarbonising and engaging with the transition to a net zero economy. They are investigating their supply chains and focussing on human rights and labour abuses. They are valuing their people – their human capital. They are putting these factors at the heart of their strategy and governance structures.

Yes, there are legal and regulatory drivers but this is more than compliance. This is about competitive advantage and future-proofing. This is about meeting and exceeding the expectations of your business’ stakeholders.

Working out what a business needs to do, and how to do it, is not straightforward. Find out more about the ESG agenda and how Osborne Clarke can help.

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Funds Legal Update | March 2021

With 10 March 2021 scored into the diaries of many asset managers, the European supervisory authorities (ESAs) have provided guidance on their regulatory expectations around the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation...

Written on: 4 Mar 2021

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Funding the transition to a low carbon future: beyond the regulations

A crucial challenge for the decarbonisation of the economy is the funding of the transition to a low carbon future. Aside from regulatory compliance, what should participants in UK financings...

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Funds Legal Update | 10 February 2021

It is only a matter of weeks until the first set of disclosure obligations kick in under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), and the funds industry is gearing up...

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ESG | The view from Europe

In the US, the new administration has already committed to sustainability, requiring action on emissions reductions and deep structural change from America's industrial and energy base. In Europe, the ESG...

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Future of work: Osborne Clarke predictions

What will the Future of Work look like? Where will people work? What jobs will they do? What are the implications for real estate? Discover our predictions for the future...

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Mandatory climate reporting among new green finance measures

On 9 November the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, outlined the following measures designed to strengthen the UK's credentials as a green finance centre: Introducing the UK's first sovereign green bond by...

Written on: 11 Nov 2020

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