A regulatory specialist that helps businesses manage their risk and defends companies who are subject to regulatory investigations and enforcement. 

Katie has spent over 20 years helping clients understand the regulatory compliance framework particularly in the fields of product safety, EHS (environment, health & safety), food and consumer/trading law.  She manages multi-jurisdictional projects and helps businesses to launch in new markets and with new products.  Katie also defends companies who are being investigated and prosecuted by regulators.

Due to many years observing corporate systems and procedures being tested by regulators, Katie also advises businesses on effective compliance systems.  She reviews and audits businesses to provide practical recommendations on how compliance can be improved globally. Her knowledge and skill set is well-placed to support clients address any gaps in their approach to ESG.  Katie regularly works with boards providing strategic advice and training on key compliance issues and cultural change.

Katie excels at translating complex, overlapping and contradicting regulations for real work industry scenarios which is especially challenging when the industry throws new untested scenarios her way. She can guide to any level of audience with the same confidence inspiring undertone and is a pleasure to work with irrespective of the urgency of the subject.

Global Director, US Conglomerate

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

I have been fortunate to work with many different companies across different industries.  My passion for making regulation easily understandable and easy to implement, comes from witnessing company systems that have failed when put under scrutiny.  Businesses have to cope and adapt everyday to new and changed regulation, but getting the culture right and being a good corporate citizen are just as important to mitigate compliance risks to your business.

In my areas of expertise, change is constant.  Applying current legal concepts to amazing new technologies, or advising clients on how to adapt to meet environmental objectives in products or packaging is now a key part of how I advise and work with clients.  But things still go wrong, and managing regulatory investigations and enforcement remains a key part of my practice.



CMA Consumer Investigations

Advised and defended in several investigations including misleading prices, fake online reviews and leaseholder reforms.

Global food and retail business

Conducted a review of the EMEA business to assess compliance with food and health & safety requirements.  Made recommendations to the Board and Senior Leadership team to improve approach.

Global Tech Company

Advised on product compliance requirements across 17 jurisdictions for the launch of a new VR headset.

Health & Safety prosecution

Defending a French listed business in a prosecution by the HSE involving a fatality in a care home.

Online Platforms

Advising several platforms on product compliance requirements, including conformity assessments, labelling and age restrictions.

Product Recalls

Providing strategic advice on product safety issues, risk assessments, notification to regulators and managing supply chains.