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Technological transformation, the global climate crisis, and the evolution of modern cities present us with new challenges, but at the same time, create new opportunities. We embrace that change and see it as a chance to grow, both for us, and our clients.

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Our unique culture allows us to think differently, see round corners, and always look for better solutions. We believe that success comes from a combination of in-depth knowledge and passion. Hence, our commitment to building a work environment based on mutual respect and trust, in which we can learn from each other, grow and choose our own path of development.

As a dynamic, fast-growing law firm we attract open-minded, ambitious, and creative people. We welcome diversity and offer equal opportunities for every member of our team.

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DORA – New EU cybersecurity law for Crypto
Crypto-assets are digital in their nature, but in many ways resemble traditional assets. In line with the EU's Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets ("MiCAR"), crypto-assets are digital representation of a value or of a right that is able to be transferred and stored electronically using distributed ledger technology or similar (DLT).As the economic value of crypto-assets is stored directly "on-chain”, embedded within the DLT tokens, security of the distributed ledger technology and related digital services gains critical importance. This does not go unnoticed by the regulators.In this piece we will take a look at the newest EU regulation on cybersecurity in the financial sector – the Digital Operational Resilience Act ("DORA") – and its impact on the crypto-assets market. 
Read time 5m