Organisations need to have a clear approach to ESG and understand how to adapt their strategies and change programmes to address increasingly complex legal obligations. ESG is developing quickly in terms of law and regulation not least as the related sector and issue-specific guidance, schemes and frameworks apply different metrics and disclosure requirements. 

"Around our international network, our lawyers advise across the extensive range of legal services that ESG touches. For us, ESG is a thread running through many of the legal services we provide, which, together with our sector understanding and our insight into the issues driving transformation in our clients’ businesses, places us in a unique position to offer this 3D approach to our services"

Responsive and strategic advice 

We know that not one size fits all. Osborne Clarke's multi-disciplinary ESG team brings together experts specialising in the environment and decarbonisation, sustainable finance, social and human capital and corporate governance to lead clients through the development and implementation of a successful ESG strategy. 


The shift to low-carbon business models requires a radical rethink of business operations, supply chains and financing. Our environment and commercial teams help build sustainable businesses by providing support through the implementation of compliance measures. Our advice covers all advisory, contentious and transactional aspects of environmental law and regulation as it applies to different sectors. 


Organisations need to take into account how employees and communities are affected by their business and supply chains. Developing robust systems and policies can help minimise harms and promote positive results in areas such as pay, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. Our employment law and regulatory experts provide pragmatic advice, incident management guidance and support on social impact. 


Governance ensures accountability within an organisation and there are a plethora of regulatory requirements when addressing the complexities of ESG reporting. Our corporate and regulatory teams support clients as they navigate their corporate governance requirements, reporting obligations and stakeholder disputes. We provide advice and training on directors’ duties and liabilities to organisations across all industries. 

International reach

Our ESG team works with businesses across Europe, Asia and the US. We have a local and international understanding of the regulatory and policy drivers for ESG and significant expertise across the broader areas ESG touches upon, such as environmental impact, diversity and inclusion and strategic risk mitigation.

"As a firm we take our own ESG strategy very seriously, encouraging diversity, creating a sustainable business and investing in the wellbeing of our own people and the communities and environments we work in. We look forward as much as we can on our clients' behalf, anticipating the complex challenges that ESG will bring in the near and longer term and use our own experiences to guide the services we provide."



Bluefield Partners LLP

Advised on the acquisition of an 80MW portfolio of two DNO-connected development stage battery storage projects. 

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Infragreen 4 RE UK Limited

Advised on the £27 million debt financing of portfolio of UK battery storage projects.

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 BrianzAcque Srl

Advising in respect of a Euro 55 million financing aimed at improving the efficiency of water and waste infrastructure through a series of projects addressing sustainability, climate action and environmental care. 

Global waste and recycling company

Advising on international environmental compliance across its Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Advising on a reorganisation of its group-wide corporate governance arrangements, including updating policies, governance framework and assisting with implementation. 


Assisted this Belgium based sustainable finance technology platform in the latest investment from Euroclear. 

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Amber Infrastructure

Advised Amber Infrastructure on the launch of North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) Green New Deal LP.


Advised on the debt financing of a portfolio of solar projects owned by a series of community interest companies with the community benefitting from the revenues generated by these projects

Major online retailer

Advised on novel enforcement requests regarding greenwashing by a Swedish-German authority cooperation based on the Consumer Protection Cooperation.

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