Sern Yang is a regulatory lawyer with substantial previous experience as an in house counsel in the labour, energy and air transport sectors respectively.

He has broad regulatory experience advising parties on IT, IP, technology and data projects, as well as on regulatory and compliance matters, including matters involving licensing, enforcement, competition law and data protection issues. As a former prosecutor with the Manpower Ministry and a past Director of the Legal Division in the Energy Market Authority (EMA), he is also well versed in general regulatory enforcement issues.

He has a practice interest in the developing area of environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance, as well as climate/diversity related disclosure, having advised on EMA driven smart and renewable energy test bedding projects previously.

Further highlights of Sern Yang’s practice experience including providing legal and strategic advice on the following:

  • IT contracts and documentation related to the entire spectrum of the software development life cycle, from planning, system design development, to operations and maintenance.
  • Data protection legal and operational requirements, including training and awareness, data protection related contracts and documentation, data breach response plans, post data breach strategy and communications with the regulator.
  • General regulatory enforcement matters involving the conduct of regulatory investigations against parties for possible breach of statutory legal requirements, including competition law and breach of licence conditions.
  • Contracts and documentation for various smart and sustainable energy test bedding projects involving solar power, electric vehicles, the use of alternative cleaner fuels, etc.

Sern Yang holds a Master of Laws (Competition Law) from King’s College London. He also has a Certificate in ESG Investing awarded by the CFA Institute.

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