Katarzyna comprehensively supports clients in the challenges of sustainable development and green transition. She develops and helps implement long-term ESG strategies and increase Green Officers’ knowledge. Her legal advisory includes a one-stop-shop combination of environment, infrastructure, and green energy projects.


Katarzyna advises clients in environmental proceedings, obtains environmental permits, and leads environmental compliance projects for large companies. She advises clients on proper waste management and waste transport. 


Katarzyna also leads projects in the area of infrastructure and investment processes. She specializes in investment process advisory for general contractors, large installations, and industrial facilities. She negotiates design and construction contracts and supports clients in constructing EV and hydrogen infrastructure. 


She cooperates with clients on energy efficiency projects and complex energy strategies implemented to obtain green transition goals. Katarzyna provides transactional advisory to clients from the renewables industry.


She specialises in packaging management regulations, actively participating in the work and carrying out tasks for the most important Polish industry organizations in this field. She advises clients, among others, on the necessary adaptation to the requirements of the extended producer responsibility system (EPR/ ROP), the deposit system (DRS), and the provisions of the single-use plastics directive (SUP). She prepares analyses of planned trends and regulatory changes in green product passports, microplastics, and other topics.

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Katarzyna is a legal adviser, Ph.D. in legal sciences, author of numerous articles, and an academic lecturer. She is currently a lecturer at the postgraduate program in Environmental Law at Łazarski University in Warsaw and a specialist lecturer at the Warsaw Bar Association (WBA).

She is an active member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Warsaw Bar Association. As a coordinator within the National Chamber of Legal Advisers, she participates in and supports the activities of the international organization AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers).

In Poland and elsewhere in the world, there has been a discussion over adding the right to connect with the Internet as a new human right. The pandemic has increased awareness of the social needs in this area. Nevertheless, the expansion of the telecommunications infrastructure continues to raise numerous legal issues and, above all, raises social problems. Its potential impact on human health or disturbance of the landscape and the impact on nature are still debated. The choice of the protected good in this case must be well justified.


Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

Going beyond the standard advisory framework and supporting clients and local communities in their green transition give us a chance to fulfill a critical pro-environmental mission not only as lawyers but also as citizens, and Europeans.

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