Renata combines tax advisory with comprehensive labour law support. She prepares internal communication strategies, advises on issues related to counteracting discrimination and mobbing at the workplace, and assists clients in designing and implementing an appropriate organizational culture.

Renata focuses on effective interpersonal communication in a workplace, including mediations and negotiations with employees according to the principles of NVC (Non-Violent Communication). She facilitates anti-bullying and anti-discrimination training and assists clients in developing and implementing appropriate procedures within their organisations

Renata supports HR departments in shaping talent management strategies, carrying out cultural transformation of companies, and building and implementing diversity policies in the company.

I highly appreciate the experience, commitment and professionalism of Renata Dłuska, resulting real and comprehensive support for the Company in various projects.”

HR Manager, One of the market leaders in promotional products

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

HR departments have a strategic role in shaping and executing business strategy. Work models designed around values such as well-being, a sense of belonging and ethical conduct create an environment in which employees not only feel good about themselves, but also perform better, which translates into better company results. 

That is why I support my clients in effective team management and building a modern and empathetic organisational culture.

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