Anti-discrimination laws impose significant obligations on businesses, while discrimination itself can have significant implications in the workplace. We can help you avoid and, if necessary, deal with potential damages claims related to alleged discrimination. Crucially, we can also assist you to keep your business operating effectively throughout any claims.

We work with clients to help them understand their obligations under the law, and to design and implement creatively tailored systems to help them deal with alleged discrimination claims. This also extends to structuring and training HR teams and staff generally to ensure compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Because we are up-to-speed on the evolving legislation in this area, we can help clients anticipate potential changes and react accordingly. Our international team of lawyers is well equipped to help clients comply with the obligations and deal with the consequences of non-compliance across jurisdictions. Whatever your situation, we will support you with employment lawyers who are experts in dealing with sensitive anti-discrimination matters and have an insight into your specific business.


International biotechnology company

Defended and ultimately successfully settled a £2 million whistleblowing claim in the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal brought against an international biotechnology company.

Leading UK consultancy business

Defended - and settled following judicial mediation - a sensitive and complex sex discrimination claim brought by a potentially disabled employee against a leading UK consultancy business and another employee.

Financial services client

Successfully took a leading case on discrimination, involving a financial services client, to the Supreme Court, establishing new law in this area.

Financial services firm

Successfully defended a financial services firm in a multi-million pound claim against age and disability discrimination in multiple jurisdictions.

Client facing sex discrimination claims

Successfully advised a client on claims for sex discrimination arising from misuses of social media and "office banter", reflecting the changing attitudes in the workplace to which all employers should give attention.  The issue was resolved without the threatened litigation being taken.

Board of directors

Advised a client's board of directors on abuse of power by its high-profile chairman which gave rise to claims by junior employees of race and sex discrimination.  The case was successfully resolved without the threatened litigation being taken.

Client involved in sex discrimination case

Advised a client in a leading case on pensions for part-time workers and sex discrimination.

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