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Whistleblower protection law will soon apply in Poland

Published on 27th Jun 2024

The President signed the long-awaited whistleblower protection law on 19 June 2024 and this means that whistleblower protection will soon also apply in Poland. The Act will enter into force 3 months after its publication in the Journal of Laws, and this means a very short time for companies to implement the new mandatory procedure. 

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Who is obliged to implement the whistleblower procedure?

Employers employing, as at 1 January or 1 July of a given year, at least 50 persons (the number of 50 persons includes persons employed under an employment contract, civil law contracts, as well as self-employed on B2B). 

What obligations are involved in implementing a whistleblower procedure?

  • Prior consultation with trade unions or representatives of employees,
  • Selection of reporting channels through which whistleblowers will be able to report wrongdoing,
  • Designation of persons/entities to receive whistleblowing notifications, investigate and implement possible corrective actions,
  • Update solutions/documentation on GDPR. 

How can we help? 

We are happy to meet with you to discuss the most appropriate solutions for your entity and your employees. We support our clients in all stages related to the implementation of the whistleblower protection procedure.


* This article is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.

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