For the internal organization of companies, all kinds of procedures are increasingly important to reduce the risk of non-compliance with the law. Currently, the compliance policy is not limited only to the examination of the legal environment and elimination of the risk of violation of generally applicable laws, but also applies to building the image of an entrepreneur operating in compliance with ethical principles – this is especially important in the area of employee relations.

In this context, HR departments are of particular importance in company structures. It is the employees of these departments who are responsible for monitoring whether the organization meets all the obligations imposed on the company by the provisions of applicable law. HR departments are responsible for monitoring compliance with health and safety regulations and ensuring observance of employees their rights. However, compliance procedures in HR departments are not just about monitoring labour law regulations and their implementation within the company. HR compliance means also observing the rules of fair recruitment or preventing discrimination and mobbing in the workplace. Our experts are ready to support you in introducing or updating such procedures and conduct trainings for your employees and co-workers.

How can we help you?

Analysis of your company’s structure/activities in terms of compliance with labour law regulations and best practices in the area of labour law, including:

  • Review of labor law documents, analysis of procedures and standards used in the Company on the employee-employer line;
  • Identification of potential risks related to hiring employees, including employees from outside Poland;
  • Identification of potential risks associated with sending employees to work abroad (posting, business trips);
  • Presentation of conclusions in the form of a report.

Preparation and implementation of procedures based on the conclusions of the report:

  • Adapting / updating basic documents and procedures with regard to labor law, corresponding to current regulations and standards or preparing new document templates;
  • Training for employees.

Examples of procedures

  • Anti-discrimination
  • Anti-mobbing
  • Employer’s code of ethics
  • Rules of conduct during employee recruitment
  • The procedure for the protection of information constituting company secrets in relations with employees
  • Procedure for avoiding conflicts of interest
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