Long-term power purchase agreements (corporate power purchase agreements, CPPAs) are gaining in popularity. They are an attractive solution for green energy generators who are looking for ways to make their projects bankable. This is particularly important now when high power prices are discouraging them from participating in the RES support scheme.

A growing interest in the CPPAs can also be observed among consumers for whom they can serve as an important tool for optimizing the cost of purchasing power (fixing energy prices over a longer time horizon).

Why us?

Our specialists combine unique competences in power regulation, financial markets, and can also boast many years of experience in the RES sector and in advising banks and financing institutions. This is particularly important from the point of view of consultancy in the scope of the so-called virtual power purchase agreements (virtual PPAs, VPPAs) constituting a financial instrument subject to specific regulations (MIFID II, EMIR).    

Our services are dedicated to:

RES generators
Trading Companies
Banks and financing institutions

How can we help?

  • drafting and negotiating CPPAs and VPPAs
  • consultancy on bankability of CPPAs and VPPAs
  • consultancy on financial market regulations applicable to VPPAs (concluded as contracts for differences, swaps, or otherwise)
  • consultancy on exclusions from the scope of MIFID II applicable to the parties to VPPAs
  • consultancy on EMIR reporting of VPPA transactions
  • consultancy on all issues regarding establishing security interest related to CPPAs and VPPAs
  • consultancy on all issues regarding sale of guarantees of origin
  • consultancy on all tax issues related to CPPAs and VPPAs

Scope of services:

Contracts of sale of guarantees of origin


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