The increasingly rapid technological development, the EU green transition strategy, the energy efficiency goals, and the new trends in sustainable development (ESG) are main factors for the rapid growth of the renewable energy market in Poland.

However, operating in the RES sector does not only involve compliance with regulatory obligations applicable to the energy sector, but also environmental requirements, such as waste management regulations as well as waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations, and also batteries waste regulations. 

Environmental obligations must be met at all stages of the life-cycle of a RES installation, including planning, construction, operation, and end-of –life. It is, therefore, essential to identify the obligations imposed by these regulations and monitor regulatory changes to avoid a risk of non-compliance.

Our Decarbonisation Team brings together experts from different legal areas, such as energy, environment, and infrastructure, to provide our clients from the RES sector with comprehensive advice. With our experience, we thoroughly understand how the RES market operates, and we know the environmental risks it faces.  

By working closely with our overseas Osborne Clarke offices, we boast extensive expertise in the latest trends in the green energy sector. Thus, our Decarbonisation Team is always a step ahead, providing our clients with tailor-made solutions for the Polish market.

Drawing on our combined expertise, we can offer you comprehensive legal advice to ensure compliance of your business in Poland with environmental regulations applicable to the RES sector, making your activities more sustainable and consistent with the sustainable development (ESG) strategy of your organisation.

One of the key areas of activity of the Polish Osborne Clarke Team is regulatory advice.

Our advice will not only ensure compliance of your business with applicable regulations but also with your sustainable development (ESG) strategy.

Our services include in particular:

  • Environmental and waste management compliance, including permits, record-keeping and reporting obligations;
  • Support in introducing environmental policies and procedures in your organisation;
  • Advice on obligations arising from specific legal regimes on waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) and battery waste;
  • Safeguarding your interest in contracts, including EPC or O&M contracts, at all stages of the life-cycle of a RES installation (including construction, operation and end-of-life), as well as mitigating risks in value chains;
  • Update on planned or upcoming regulatory changes and their impact on your business in terms of environmental protection, waste management, and sustainability;
  • Provide your employees with training on environmental and waste management regulations, as well as on sustainability reporting.

We work for RES developers, electricity producers, O&M providers, and EPC contractors.

We help them to anticipate, identify and understand the key regulatory issues that may affect their business. 


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