Advocate with nearly 10 years of experience. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has been advising on venture capital and M&A transactions.

Szymon focuses on transactions involving new-tech companies. While working on venture capital transactions, Szymon primarily supports investors.

In addition to the transactional practice, Szymon also has experience working on multidisciplinary projects. Combining competences from various branches of law allows Szymon to provide comprehensive transaction advisory, both at the stage of the due diligence process and the preparation and negotiation of transaction documentation.

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

I treat each project individually, even if it shares similarities with ones I've previously handled. This approach ensures that the client gains a clear understanding of the recommended solutions at every stage of the project and can make decisions based on knowledge. Quality business support in the complex and ever-changing environment of new technologies is appreciated by clients and allows them to focus on project development. I am happy to be a part of this growth.