Małgorzata combines legal expertise with mediation skills, advising on employment law issues, as well as on the quality of relations in a workplace. She conducts negotiations, mediation, trainings on anti-bullying and anti-discrimination, and conflict resolution workshops.

As a part of the Employment and Pensions Practice, Małgorzata supports clients’ HR departments and management boards in ensuring a sense of well-being among employees.

She supports clients in preventing organizational conflicts resulting, among others, from problems at the relationship level, lack of support from superiors, job cuts, financial cuts, mobbing, or discrimination. She also supports clients in decision-making processes through taking into account the position of all stakeholders and individuals.

She specialises in effective interpersonal communication (Marshall B. Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication) and conducts workshops and trainings for employers.

Małgorzata carries out formal mediations aimed at reaching a settlement (in place of a court decision), as well as informal mediations within organizations aimed at improving communication. She also conducts group mediations and coaching sessions.

I appreciate Malgorzata Szwedowska for her commitment, empathy, and creativity in finding solutions to difficult situations. I enjoy working with her.

Agnieszka Zemke – Górecka, President of the Mediation Centre of the National Bar Council, Vice-President of National Bar Council in Poland

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

As a mediator and member of the Mediation Center at the Polish Bar Council, I’m dedicated to promoting an amicable disputes resolution. I focus on professional settings as well as those outside the workplace environment, including families, neighboring, and schools.

I believe that building relationships in the workplace based on qualities such as cooperation, empathy, mutual respect, consideration of others’ needs, and appreciation has an immense impact on the well-being of an employee. This is particularly relevant nowadays, as companies are facing such stress, burnout, lack of concentration, depression in the workforce.


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