Marcin Robenek specialises in handling precedent-setting and complex court and arbitration proceedings, with special focus on civil liability. He develops tailor-made litigation tactics for each case, anticipating the moves of the opponent and ensuring legal security for his clients.

Marcin heads the Dispute Resolution Practice at the Warsaw-based Osborne Clarke's Office.
During his many years’ experience, Marcin has represented major national and international entities in commercial disputes with the aggregate value of almost PLN 3 billion.

He is particularly comfortable with construction disputes, post-transaction disputes related to M&As, disputes in the IT and high-tech sector, including commercial activity of PayTech and FinTech companies, as well as disputes related to the energy industry. He also represents clients in criminal proceedings for commercial offences, including tax irregularities.

Marcin also represents clients in proceedings related to contract performance, including claims for liquidated damages in contracts concluded under the public procurement law, claims for recission of contracts, claims relating to liability for false statements and warranties in investment contracts, as well as claims relating to the settlement of IT and implementation projects.

Marcin has represented his clients before Polish General Courts and before the Supreme Court [Sąd Najwyższy], including as the author of cassation appeals of significant importance for the Polish system of justice), and also, among others, before the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris, the Arbitration Court of the National Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, and before ad hoc arbitration tribunals appointed in accordance with the UNCITRAL Rules.

Over the many years of cooperation, Mr Marcin Robenek has always demonstrated an outstanding legal knowledge and litigation experience, as well as a business approach to cases entrusted to him.

The flexibility, efficiency, and above-average commitment of Attorney Robenek to the cases that he handles are directly reflected in the successes that he has undoubtedly achieved.


Piotr Golik (CEO Esmetric, Grupa Arcus)

For me, the cooperation with Mr Robenk does not only open a possibility to get the highest quality legal services, but also to gain a business perspective on a given problem and find a practical solution, as quickly as possible. Attorney Robenek is diligent and has outstanding legal expertise, and, thanks to his excellent knowledge of business environment, he knows how to put it into practice. Cooperation with him is a real pleasure.

Inga Jędrzejewska, Sygnity S.A., CFO

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

We are now standing at the threshold of a global process of technological and organisational transformation of businesses. This will inevitably involve numerous contestable issues, which will often have to be resolved in court.

In this changing world, the role of a litigation lawyer gets a new meaning. He or she cannot be just a passive observer but must also become an active participant in the stage of changes that are happening around us. This, however, calls for understanding of the client’s needs and business, and it requires an individual approach and, above all, commitment and openness.

In my work and in every case, guided by the above values, I aim to build for each Client a safe haven that will protect them against the hurricane of legal risks raging through their business environment due to the dispute that has arisen.

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