Our specialist real estate litigation lawyers excel in helping clients resolve all kinds of disputes ranging from landlord and tenant to complex and highly technical development disputes. We provide a cradle-to-grave service and have a wide range of experience, from advising clients on possible angles to exploit and add value on investment portfolios or development site clearance, to early-stage dispute avoidance advice and mediation, full-blown litigation and third-party determination.

The team advises clients across all sectors on all aspects of real estate litigation with market-leading expertise. We advise many key players in the real estate sector, ranging from commercial and residential developers to banks and real estate investors. We also advise companies with large estates, such as energy companies, telecoms providers and retailers.

We take a proactive approach to asset management, are innovative in the way we deal with client work and have the ability to manage complex and technical issues promptly, with an eye on strategic solutions as well as legal. Our clients tell us that makes us a valuable part of their team.


Commercial developer

Advised a commercial developer on ground breaking Court of Appeal case relating to issues of contract interpretation and valuation.

Energy company

Advised an energy company on a high-value dispute regarding obligations under a development agreement.

Energy company

Advised an energy company on its land rights strategy in respect of a new underground line, including CPO related issues.

Leading residential developer

Advised a leading residential developer on a case to be heard by the Court of Appeal on the extent of negotiation, or "Wrotham Park", damages - a further development of this area of law.

Real estate investor

Advised a real estate investor client who was the successful party in an important decision on the anti-avoidance provisions in the Landlord Tenants Covenants Act 1995 and group company assignments.