We can help you get ready for Brexit

We can help you get ready for Brexit Icon

Whether you are preparing for Brexit from Europe, the US, Asia, the UK or anywhere else, our experts are here to help.

We can help you understand what Brexit will mean today and in the future. Whether it’s identifying ‘quick win’ changes to put your business on a more secure footing – regardless of the final exit deal – or helping with substantial operational changes and longer term business planning. Our experts can work alongside you in a way that is tailored to suit your needs.

Supporting your business with a tailored approach to Brexit planning

We are able to draw upon our experienced and well-established team of lawyers across Europe to identify:

  • High risk areas where your business will be impacted by Brexit;
  • Immediate steps that you can take now the quick wins;
  • The pros and cons of long-term changes to your business.

Which means we can deliver custom-made Brexit planning and advice direct to you and your team through a bespoke online platform. Providing you with relevant advice and legal updates as Brexit develops, and tracking the UK legislation that will be affected and amended as a result.

Our work includes:

  • Location and movement of employees
  • Trade and movement of goods
  • Product regulation and labelling
  • Protection of brands and IP rights
  • Contractual provisions and re-negotiation of contracts
  • Review of supply chains and logistics
  • Changes to regulatory and compliance procedures
  • Changes to corporate structures and director responsibilities
  • Renegotiation of leases

Find out how ready you are

Our experts can help you to understand what Brexit is likely to mean for your business and how to prepare for the changes it will bring.

Helping you prepare for Brexit

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