Partner Stefan Deswert heads the commercial-litigation team in Brussels.

Stefan specialises in distribution, retail, logistics, infrastructure and real estate. He has an in-depth knowledge of contract law, in particular e-contracts and commercial contracts. His practice covers a wide range of local and cross-border litigation issues, as well as construction litigation and arbitration.

Recognised as an experienced litigator, Stefan advises clients on complex multi-jurisdictional litigation. He mainly advises leading brands in the digital world and retail industry throughout Europe and the US. Stefan has solid know-how within the field of setting up warehouses, strategic logistic centres and flagship stores.

One of the founding Partners of Osborne Clarke Belgium, Stefan holds a master’s degree in Economic and Financial Law from the V.U.B. – Free University of Brussels.

Gaucheret SA

Acting for Gaucheret SA by filing claims against construction companies for damages relating to poorly performed construction work and filing claims against the relevant insurance companies

Jet Fuelling Company

Assisting a jet fuelling company with a contractual dispute, and assisting it to reach a settlement agreement with the other party

a company which is alleging that a competitor

Acting as a litigator for a company which is alleging that a competitor was a third-party accomplice to contractual breaches

Digital Transformation Company

Acting as a counsel for former shareholders of a digital transformation company, who are alleging that the company's board of directors sold their shares at too low a price

Global Digital Printing Giant

Assisting a global digital printing giant in relation to a claim which a former distributor filed against it, stating that it unlawfully terminated an exclusive sales concession between them

Global Digital Printing Giant

Acting for a global digital printing giant which sold a polluted plot of land by limiting its liability to the pollution it knew of when the sale occurred

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