Brexit: challenges and opportunities in a changing world of international trade

The UK’s exit from the EU will present both challenges and opportunities across the board. Whether you are a business with a domestic UK market or one trading internationally, and regardless of whether your operations are based in the UK or not.

Our Brexit experts can help you to understand what this could mean for your business – in terms of overall impact and at the detailed operational level. We’re ready to help whether you are looking at Brexit from the UK, Europe, the US, Asia or anywhere else.

Our latest insights below, along with our Brexit lens, highlight some specific areas businesses should be looking at to start preparing for Brexit now.

Brexit Business Brief | 10 days of Parliamentary tumult

'Confusion now hath made his masterpiece!' – Macduff, Macbeth. Welcome to Brexit Business Brief, our regular newsletter looking at Brexit developments in a legal and business context. You're receiving this...

Written on: 10 Sep 2019

Read time 3m

Data protection and privacy: are you Brexit-ready for any outcome?

Profound business uncertainty has surrounded data protection since the UK voted in favour of leaving the EU more than three years ago. The basis on which the UK will leave...

Written on: 5 Sep 2019

Read time 12m

Brexit Business Brief | Government guidance relaunched

To receive this by email please register your interest in receiving Brexit Insights.   Find out how we can help you prepare for Brexit The UK government has today started its...

Written on: 2 Sep 2019

Read time 3m

No-deal Brexit: a checklist of what consultancies, staffing and recruitment companies may need to think about

Data protection is an area of major focus: The free flow and processing of personal data as between UK and the rest of the EU could be impacted by a...

Written on: 20 Aug 2019

Read time 3m

Brexit and immigration | What are the new dates for EU migrants to be aware of?

With the UK's formal departure from the EU having been delayed to 31 October 2019 and a further extension at least a possibility , the relevant dates for EU migrants...

Written on: 22 May 2019

Read time 1m

Brexit Business Brief | Rolling exit dates

31 October 2019 is the new 29 March 2019 In the early hours of yesterday morning, the European Council agreed to extend the UK’s membership of the EU, and the...

Written on: 12 Apr 2019

Read time 2m