The Building Safety Act

Build Safe Live Safe 

The Building Safety Act will, in the Government's words “deliver the biggest improvements to building safety in nearly 40 years”. Although law, many aspects will not be in force until next year, preparation is essential now if the delays and costs associated with non-compliance are to be avoided. 

The Act and associated regulations fundamentally reforms the building safety regime bringing new and stricter accountability for those that are responsible for residential buildings, backed by criminal sanctions for individuals and organisations found to be in breach. 

The Act will bring about changes to what information about a building must be retained, how it is stored, who is responsible for doing so and who it must be provided to. A new regulator will be the gatekeeper through which duty holders must pass during planning, construction and occupation stages of a building's lifecycle, with the aim of improving building and fire safety, so that people will be, and will feel, safer in their homes.  

You can view a series of short videos accompanied by briefing notes on the key issues arising from these major changes in building safety regulation here.

As guidance and secondary legislation is published we will be updating this page with further insights.

The Building Safety Act

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