Renewables and power management
We help our clients take advantage of new energy opportunities and navigate the industry's challenges. Our advice covers energy projects and transactions, including solar, hydro, on and offshore wind, bioenergy, and energy innovation.
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Power and utilities
We advise many of the major power and utilities firms on complex, high-value projects and business as usual matters. Our expertise in this area includes infrastructure, smart meters and connection, regeneration, and decarbonisation.
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Energy innovation
Understanding the way legal frameworks are adapting to foster innovation is paramount to success. Our lawyers help clients future-proof their strategically important projects and transactions, including hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage.
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Waste and bioenergy
Our experienced team supports clients with the challenges and opportunities associated with these highly regulated sectors, including waste resource management, environmental law, and energy and fuel production. Our clients include waste corporates, utilities, contractors, developers/sponsors, suppliers and funders.
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Most law firms look at e-mobility through a single lens. We recognise that understanding this industry requires a real knowledge of how areas such as mobility, energy and digital infrastructure, power management systems, software, data and payments solutions interact – and we're experts in all these.
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Nuclear energy
We understand the regulatory, developmental and operational challenges of nuclear generation and can partner with you in all aspects of your nuclear project. Our experience will help you capitalise on the potential of next-generation nuclear as a major low-carbon energy solution.
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