Artificial Intelligence

The rise and rise of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, is being used in an ever-increasing range of commercial applications and can increasingly be procured as a service. Chatbots and translation engines can understand normal spoken or written language. Tools are available to identify faces and to spot terrorist content on social media and sharing platforms. In the financial sector, AI listens to conversations to spot possible fraud, to make credit assessments about customers, and to drive investment strategy. AI-driven autonomy is increasingly embedded into drones, robotics and vehicles. AI is managing energy supply and demand and enabling better maintenance and more efficient deployment of assets. It is making predictions, spotting anomalies and streamlining interactions across the commercial and industrial landscape.

Our AI experts in this field can advise on the many legal issues, including:

due diligence and negotiations for procuring or outsourcing AI tools • data privacy and licensing •  management of ethical issues including bias and discrimination • management of liability issues • cybersecurity • regulatory compliance (often by design) • competition law issues • intellectual property issues

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