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Artificial intelligence

What will the next UK government do about regulating and supporting AI?

What approach is taken to artificial intelligence in the manifestos of the two main parties?
Artificial intelligence

AI and employment law in Italy: what does the new bill say and how should businesses implement it?

AI offers many opportunities to businesses, though there are specific risks to be managed in relation to its use in
Regulatory Outlook

Artificial intelligence | UK Regulatory Outlook May 2024

UK regulators publish their strategic approaches to AI | Launch of the AI and Digital Hub | DRCF's views on
AI, Data and Transformative Technologies

When will businesses have to comply with the EU's AI Act?

Businesses need to be ready for prohibitions and a staggered compliance timetable that takes effect from late 2024
Artificial intelligence

Low-risk AI bears high stakes for digital health in new EU regulation

Life sciences providers of low- or medium-risk AI will also be subject to the EU AI Act
Artificial intelligence

UK government publishes guidance on responsible artificial intelligence in human resources and recruitment

DSIT has outlined key considerations to be considered by organisations seeking to procure and deploy AI in the recruitment lifecycle
Artificial intelligence

A new CE marking for European healthcare: when and why?

The EU AI Act's new CE-marking regime for high-risk systems has implications for life sciences and healthcare businesses
Artificial intelligence

High-risk AI systems in life sciences face strict regulatory scrutiny from new EU rules

Businesses should consider if and how AI is used internally or externally and get ready for the risk-based approach
Artificial intelligence

UK competition regulator updates on AI foundation models

The CMA has set out the work it is undertaking on the impact of foundation models on competition and consumer
Artificial intelligence

New AI legislation's reach extends into European healthcare

What impact could the sector-neutral EU AI Act have on public health and patient care across Europe?
Regulatory Outlook

Artificial intelligence | UK Regulatory Outlook April 2024

Guidance on responsible use of AI in recruitment | Responsible AI toolkit | UN adopts resolution on AI
Artificial intelligence

What should employers in Belgium consider when using AI in the workplace?

Artificial intelligence has enormous potential from recruitment to termination, but the regulatory landscape is evolving fast