Combining a wealth of global experience in the life sciences, energy, telecoms and defence sectors with more than twelve years’ industrial experience, Xavier is an IP specialist with a passion for technology and its real-world application and protection.

He works as both counsel and litigator in complex multicultural negotiations and transactions on both a national and international level, applying significant strategic expertise in patents, trademarks, software, data licensing and technology transfer. With this broad technical background, he offers clients a clear vision of the future – particularly relating to the development of smart societies and cities.

Having gained his legal education at Queen Mary Westfield College, London, and then Toulouse, Strasbourg and Paris, today Xavier is a Partner in Osborne Clarke’s high-performing Technology Innovation Media team, managing intricate data and life sciences projects. He also holds the influential role of Blockchain Chair for Osborne Clarke International.

His success in these challenging fields has seen him regularly ranked in the top tiers of IT and data lawyers, winning awards in both areas every year from 2019-2021. Xavier’s practical legal services are complemented by his position as lecturer at ESSEC Business School in smart cities and data, and his work is often featured in industry publications, covering subjects such as health data and privacy management.