Katherine is an experienced commercial lawyer. She specialises in data protection and privacy regulation, the exploitation of data, and data regulation in the context of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Katherine advises clients on data protection issues across a range of sectors, including telecoms media and communications, and financial services. Responding to the needs of her clients, her work involves carrying out data protection compliance audits, delivering compliance training and advising on policy and procedure adoption and implementation. She also drafts and negotiates a range of contracts that involve or relate to personal data. 

Katherine's advises tech start ups in both the UK and the US, as well as established national and international organisations. She guides them on how to commercialise data assets and the use of data, in particular in the training of and deployment of artificial intelligence. Katherine has a particular interest in how businesses use data in the context of large language model training, and how to balance the principles of innovation, responsible AI and fairness, with data regulation.        

Beyond data protection, Katherine advises on general commercial contracts. She has particular experience in supply chain, retail, the aviation industry and education. 

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

Data protection and privacy regulation should not be a barrier to commercial success. With a background in litigation, I am driven by finding practical solutions for clients navigating a regulated world. The better I know my clients, the better I can help. I listen carefully to understand your business in order to give you the best advice.