Tom is an Associate in Osborne Clarke's Regulatory Disputes team. He advises international businesses and brands on a range of regulatory compliance issues, particularly around product safety, consumer protection, and health and safety.

Tom helps businesses bring products to market both in the UK and across wider jurisdictions, ensuring that clients understand their regulatory obligations, advising them through investigations by regulators, and responding to regulatory challenges. He has experience assisting clients with complex regulatory investigations, and multi-jurisdictional compliance projects and product launches.

Tom advises on various types of products, including those requiring UKCA and CE markings, with expertise around drones, connected devices, IoT and other technologies.

Tom also helps clients with wider compliance issues, such as health and safety standards, and global compliance systems.

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

I contribute to the Digitalisation and Urban Dynamics transformation teams.

I am enthusiastic about emerging technology products such as drones and IoT devices, and the companies which develop them. I particularly enjoy opportunities to explore the impacts which these products will have on the world around us, how we interact with our environments, and how business practices will change as they are adopted more widely.

My current areas of focus are the use of drones in enterprise and industrial scenarios, as well as consumer. I also enjoy opportunities to discuss IoT systems and how sensor fusion and edge computing will solve problems for clients, reducing latencies, improving transparency, and providing better services for end-users.

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