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Urban Mobility

The way we travel and transport goods across and within our urban landscapes is changing rapidly.

Demand is shifting significantly between various transport modes with a particular focus on those which help to achieve net zero and wellbeing goals, including walking, running, scooting and cycling.

Over the past few years, we have worked closely with clients as they address issues around mobility, electrification, shared, connected and autonomous vehicles. But the ways in which these blend together with other modes of travel in an urban environment are continually shifting.

Our clients seek our advice on the latest business models, managed and subscription services, consumer law, payments and profit sharing arrangements, data exploitation, workforce issues, investment, funding and financing as well as competition and procurement, real estate, regulation, telecoms, retail, tax, planning and litigation.

Where we add value is through our understanding of the challenges that underpin that simple ideal of improved urban mobility. Using that understanding, we help the likes of investors, operators, software developers and public authorities to play their part in delivering better and more joined up services and solutions.

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