Shaziya is a leading lawyer specialising in advising Workforce Solutions companies (including staffing companies, online platforms, consultancies and other employment intermediaries) and users of flexible workforces on the regulatory, tax and employment status issues they face. She also advises Workforce Solutions companies on their national and/or international expansion plans and corporate strategies.

Shaziya advises many suppliers and users of recruitment, staffing and consultancy services and provides strategic and commercial advice taking into consideration the ever evolving regulatory issues affecting these companies (such as tax legislation, regulatory requirements, government policy and employment status/worker misclassification issues). She has a strong knowledge of self-employment tax regimes including IR35, the Intermediaries Legislation and the MSC regime and of employment status case law and has advised extensively on these issues, not only helping companies plan how to operate and, where relevant, prepare for a corporate event, but also to deal with any challenges they face from HMRC.

Shaziya is heavily involved in helping many Workforce Solutions companies with their digital transformations. She works with online platforms and marketplaces involved in the supply/matching of services provided by a person to a user, advising on digital regulation, worker status and payment services issues and helping these businesses build operating models that balance the relevant risks. She is also experienced in advising on challenges these companies may face from regulators.

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

I believe Workforce Solutions companies solve a lot of issues relating to talent sourcing and shortages that many businesses will face and help enable individuals to have fulfilling careers of their choice.

Our team provides advice on commercial, regulatory and tax challenges to companies addressing these future of work issues, to enable their expansion and digital transformation. This should help address a lot of the issues the flexible workforces of today face and make the flexible workforces of tomorrow work for everyone.