Osborne Clarke has advised Taxfix Group, one of the leading financial platforms for digital tax returns in Europe, on the acquisition of TaxScouts.

With over 5 million tax returns filed in Germany, Italy and Spain, the Taxfix Group is one of the leading financial platforms for digital tax returns in Europe. With its brands Taxfix, Steuerbot and now also TaxScouts (active in the UK and Spain), the platform offers a wide range of innovative tax return solutions that are tailored to the different needs and preferences of its users.

The British tax and accounting platform TaxScouts offers digital tax returns assisted by tax advisors. The company now works with over 150 qualified tax advisors and is one of the UK's leading providers in its field.

With the acquisition of the company, which has offices in Madrid (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia), Taxfix is now active in four of the most important European financial markets, namely Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy, thus strengthening its position as a leading force in the European financial technology sector. 

The Osborne Clarke team that advised Taxfix Group under the lead of Robin Eyben consisted in Germany of Maximilian Vocke, Karen Frehmel-Kück, Paul Rhode, Joanna Chudzinski, Olexiy Oleshchuk, Ann-Kristin Lochmann, Jens Wrede, Arsen Dutka and Manuel Schuster, in UK of Mathias Loertscher, Lesley Olsen, Sian Daly, James Robertson, Mathew Oliver, Jonny Squires, Michael Carter, Chris Ratcliffe, Claire Bowles, Clare Burman, Anika Chandra, Rebecca Scott, Jeremy Summers, Alicia Cain, Matt Kyle, Emma Ladley, Matt Leggett, Samuel Marriott, Edward Thomson, Michael Ahyow, Alice Babington, Freddie Carter, Will Cashman, Dan Charie, Capucine de Hennin, Joachim Piotrowski, Gargi Rohi, Ian Solomon and Sarah Yeo and in Spain of Marta Lao Marzo, Esther Armengol Tutusaus, Ariadna Boix Vidal, Mario Gras Fanego, Amadeo Lora, Maria Dominguez Delgado, Josep Hill Güell, Laia Lopez, Eugenia Nogueras and Jordan Trilla.

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