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Smart cities

Smart cities are enhancing our way of life through improved places of work, better living and superior travel. But smart cities are also so much more than that.

The vision of a smart city requires interoperability of technology and standards, net zero energy consumption, new finance models and the move from single-asset-based thinking to interdependent city-wide assets built on a platform of connectivity and open data.

As established smart cities experts, we regularly work alongside our clients from across the finance, technology, infrastructure, energy, transport, healthcare and public sectors in thinking about, discussing and preparing for smart cities.

Our experience means that we're able to advise on some of the key issues that will inform the development of smart cities over the next few years, including data sharing, data interoperability, cyber security, finance, the public-private interface and, in particular the development of the framework of regulation and standards on which this interoperable digital infrastructure will be built.

If your business is facing the corporate and commercial, data, cyber security and regulatory challenges involved in creating smart city infrastructure, our experts can help.

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