Regulatory Outlook

Regulatory law affects all businesses. Osborne Clarke’s Regulatory Outlook is designed to help in-house lawyers, compliance professionals and directors navigate the landscape of business regulation in the UK.

In this edition, we focus on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement. The UK’s new relationship with the EU changes the regulatory and compliance landscape for businesses trading across those markets. Some of these changes have an immediate impact and may require businesses to take action now. More broadly, for many, the cumulative impact of having to comply with diverging regulatory regimes will be additional friction, inconvenience and (consequently) cost.

It is important to ensure that your legal and compliance functions are geared up to make sense of these shifting requirements, risks and regulatory scrutiny, wherever you trade. This Regulatory Outlook is intended to be a starting point for your business, whether you are a UK or EU company, or an international business with operations in both territories.

We also include our regular look at the current issues and dates for the diary, across 17 areas of regulation that affect businesses with a presence in the UK.

For more information, please click on the individual sections below, or you can download the full Regulatory Outlook.

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