Veronica is a regulatory lawyer specialising in product safety and food law, as well as corporate compliance with environmental legislation.

She advises producers of FMCG (from machines to cosmetics), food businesses (at various points of the supply chain) and tech manufacturers on their obligations in relation to labelling, health and nutritional claims, product safety, CE marking and whether certain products qualify as medical devices under UK and EU legislation.

Veronica also advises clients on their environmental obligations, including in relation to the treatment and disposal of products, food and packaging. She has a particular interest in novel products and foods that use new tech to solve problems of resource scarcity.

Veronica has been responsible for project managing several multijurisdictional requests for food and product safety advice across the Europe and Asia Pacific. She is passionate about working with clients to ensure they are comfortable with the regulatory landscape in their target countries and liaising with local counsel to provide practical solutions to minimise exposure.