Digital Transformation Projects

Digital transformation is at the heart of future-focused business strategy. We work with clients in all sectors to shape the legal frameworks and strategies for these projects.

Sometimes digitalisation is simply about incremental efficiency; other times it’s game-changing. Sometimes it's a pioneering new strategy; other times, change is the only way to survive. Whatever the driving objective, digital disruption brings huge opportunities to evolve, adapt and transform.

Our experience of supporting digital transformation projects begins with the bedrock of tech procurement, bringing in regulatory and public procurement expertise where needed. We design regulatory compliance into digital transformation projects. We identify and manage legal risk. We deal with the wider ramifications of transformative business change, such as new business models, or the impact on staff. When project partners fall out, we can work to get the project back on track, or to help you close it down.

We work on both customer-facing digitalisation of sales, marketing and communications, and the behind-the-scenes transformation of production, logistics or business processes. Our expertise around data, intellectual property strategy and transformative technologies more generally positions us perfectly for pioneering projects. We work not only with some of the largest technology businesses in the world, but many of their customers, and a wide range of innovators, disrupters and market challengers. We see these projects from every perspective.

With our assistance, clients are well placed to identify, grade and mitigate legal risks across multiple territories worldwide, whether they relate to workforce impacts, risks of regulatory challenge, consumer liability, artificial intelligence, emerging competition or other issues. We also regularly assist in negotiating the best deals with technology partners and implementing terms, policies and the practices needed to optimise a business’s position as it reforms, adapts and grows.

We can offer workshops, presentations or individual project reports to upskill you, your legal team or your board in navigating digital transformation.

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