Partner Marie Canivet heads the Retail team in Brussels.

Marie has over 20 years’ experience in distribution law, distribution networks and retail business in general. She has extensive knowledge of the franchising business, having assisted a large number of companies to develop and strategically expand their concept and their franchising network in Belgium and abroad.

Marie assists a large number of local and foreign distributors to set up their development strategy, adapt their working methods to the considered market, including the management of their network in Belgium and abroad. Taking a global approach, she has expertise on all the legal domains related to the retail sector, such as distribution contracts (franchise, exclusive distributorship, agency, etc), commercial lease contracts, transfers of business, trade practices (publicity, commercial promotions, brands), antitrust (vertical restrictions), GDPR and intellectual property issues.

Marie gives commercial advice and appears in cases before the Belgian Courts and arbitral Tribunals on a daily basis. She also has a strong expertise in negotiating and drafting contracts.

Marie Canivet 'knows how to be firm while remaining open to negotiation' when acting for retail business and distribution clients and clients have noted that ‘Marie Canivet can take risks and put herself really on the client’s side.’ - Legal 500, 2021

As a long-time member of Cepani, the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation, Marie acts as an arbitrator and mediator in her areas of practice. Marie is also a member of the College of Experts of the Belgian Franchise Federation. As a member of both of these organisations, she is able to not only stay informed of the latest legal and regulatory developments in Belgium; she is also an active member of the organisations and participate in events and initiatives to promote increased diversity, corporate responsibility and sustainable growth.

Marie has been praised by clients for her "amazing reactivity", "great international network" and "great knowledge of franchising with a global and creative approach."



Assisting Godiva in Belgium and in several other countries in drafting and negotiating their commercial contracts, managing its distribution network,  litigations and restructuring of its activities due the emergence of the e-commerce and the COVID crisis.


Assisting Brico in the day-to-day management of its franchise network including drafting and adaptation of contracts and litigation


Assisting in setting up its development strategy and successfully securing several important judicial procedures in order to put in place its new concept of pharmacy-parapharmacy in Belgium.


Advising Superdry, a long-standing client of OCI, regarding all its commercial leases in Belgium.

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