Hybrid working – what are the risks?

Future of work

For several years now, we’ve heard the phrase “work is an activity not a place”. 2020 has put those words to the test as never before.

We're re-evaluating our business premises: are they a space for all workers to do their work? Or a shared space for meeting, collaboration and training? Fuelled by the automation and digitalisation of work, this rethink will impact our work spaces, homes and workforces of the future.

We know that the winners from the past few decades have been those who have taken advantage of the market’s direction, of change and of technological developments. Their fortunes have been shaped by grasping opportunity. And with changes now happening with unprecedented speed, businesses that get this right now for their workforce will be best placed to succeed.

Taking advantage of these opportunities requires a thorough knowledge of the relevant law alongside an understanding of the issues involved. That's something we can offer, and we are having conversations now with our clients about the offices of the future; about establishing new working relationships with employees; about new and creative models of working; about re-skilling and re-training the workforce; and much more.

Let’s have those conversations together.

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