Louis is a Senior Associate on the Commercial team in Brussels specialising in retail, advertising and consumer law. He is also a member of the OCI Food & Beverages Team. 

Louis advises clients from the retail and marketing sector on advertising campaigns, product regulations and unfair competition. His work also involves in and out of court dispute resolution, as well as before regulatory bodies. 

Some of Louis' work also involves the drafting of commercial and real estate contracts. 

With a particular interest in the Food & Beverages sector, Louis also deals with specific advice on labelling, compliance and promotions and works closely with the international teams within our network. 

Decarbonisation should now be on everyone's mind and Louis helps his clients realize innovative and pragmatic solutions to reduce the carbon in their supply chain and find new ways of sustainably creating and supplying food. 

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

As member of our Belgian Diversity & Inclusion Team and a member of the OCI Pride team, I strongly believe that our efforts have had the positive impact of bringing new talent with more varied profiles and enriching insights. Never say no to challenging the status quo. I'm happy to help clients develop any D&I initiatives that they would like to put in place.   

Delivering advice in a relaxed and amicable environment leads to great client relationships that can grow further together. In today's world, we are switching to a model where we collaborate with the client rather than just ticking boxes, with a tailored workflow and fee structure. 

I also believe in the importance of maintaining quality relationships with my peers and am actively involved in the larger Brussels' legal community.


Retail company

Assisting a retail company in cease-and-desist legal proceedings against their main competitor due to illegal comparative advertising.

Various clients

Acting as local point of contact for regular advice to our main clients in the food and retail sectors on advertising, promotional campaigns, and labelling.

American company

Secondment to an American company having its EMEA corporate seat in Belgium for contract and general commercial matters.

Gaming companies

Providing advice to gaming companies regarding the Belgian regulation on loot boxes in video games.

Social media platform

Advising a major social media platform in their internal implementation of online gambling advertising regulation.

International services retailer

Assisting an international services retailer in the renewal and negotiation of their commercial leases for their shops in Belgium.

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