Osborne Clarke has advised Brightlands Venture Partners and TechVision Fonds on their investment in the Organ Vitality Tech start-up Vivalyx GmbH as part of a seed financing round. 

The average waiting time for a donor kidney is around eight years; at the end of 2022, around 52,000 people in the EU were waiting for a donor organ: one solution to this problem could be the innovative organ preservation solution from the Aachen-based Organ Vitality Tech start-up Vivalyx. It is said to have the potential to extend the lifespan of donor organs and increase their vitality. Vivalyx, founded in 2022 by Andreas Schumacher, Benedict Doorschodt, René Tolba, Christian Bleilevens, Malte Brettel and Marius Rosenberg, could significantly increase the number of organs available for transplantation. 

This organ revitalisation solution from Vivalyx has now taken a decisive step towards market readiness: the recently completed, heavily oversubscribed seed financing round enables Vivalyx to conduct a pivotal clinical trial for approval. Led by Brightlands Venture Partners and TechVision funds, Arve Capital, US deeptech VC Goose Capital and well-known business angels such as Springboard Health Angels, Andrej Henkler and Thomas Ebeling, former CEO of Novartis Pharma, also invested a total of EUR 5.4 million.

“The shortage of donor organs is a huge challenge for healthcare systems worldwide. We look forward to working with Vivalyx to develop a new technology that has the potential to address this challenge and significantly increase the number of available donor organs,” said Dr Luc Starmans of Brightland Venture Partners.

“The urgency for an easy-to-use technology like Vivalyx technology is enormous in the field of organ transplantation and can revolutionise the industry. We look forward to accompanying the dedicated team and the outstanding technology on the next important steps to improve the quality of donor organs,” says Bernhard Kugel of TechVision Fund.

The Osborne Clarke team that advised Brightlands Venture Partners and TechVision Fonds under the lead of Fenja Striesow and Dr Benjamin Monheim (Partner responsibility) consisted of Benedikt Hülsmann (all Corporate / VC), Dr. Lina Böcker, Dr Flemming Moos, Helen Willi (all IT), Dr Andrea Schmoll, Dr Jonas Völkel (both IP), Dr Timo Karsten, Dr Viktoria Winstel, Karin Sültrop (all Employment), Moritz Windheuser, Sarah Gräfer (both Real Estate) and Patrick Seiler (Tax).

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