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Urban Dynamics

The vast majority of businesses operate in and benefit from the urban environment. We're here to help you negotiate the legal challenges you'll face as our cities change.

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, two-thirds of the world's population were expected to live in urban areas by 2050. Even if "urbanisation" looks likely to be more of an ebb and flow than an absolute - and plenty of commentators feel absolute urban growth will continue unabated over this period - cities will remain the important engine rooms of our economic growth and productivity. And the extent to which businesses understand and engage with the urban environment will have a significant impact on their success.

We've been advising clients on the legal impact of urban dynamics for years, helping them to understand how they will affect their businesses in the short, medium and long term. We understand that the way in which cities are designed, built and managed offers extraordinary opportunities. Our legal advice is focused on helping our clients to realise these opportunities.

We work closely with our Digitalisation and Decarbonisation legal experts to offer advice around how technology and climate change are affecting the urban environment – as well as the way we live and work in our cities.

Our modern cities and towns have been evolving for centuries and the challenges and opportunities are constantly changing. It’s an ongoing conversation.

The future may be shifting in ways that are still unclear but there is no doubt that it is dynamic. We think our legal advice should be too.

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