A German-British team of advisors from the international legal practice Osborne Clarke has advised CloudFactory, market leader in “Human In The Loop” AI solutions, on its acquisition of Hasty, a machine learning-based platform that enables businesses to create and deploy complex image recognition algorithms faster. 

Artificial intelligence that in turn feeds artificial intelligence with data and thus improves it: That is the basic concept of Hasty. Globally, it can be seen that more and more companies are using data-centric AI techniques to take their machine learning models to the next level. Platforms like Hasty help companies reduce manual data processing and process models and data simultaneously, enabling rapid rounds of feedback and iterations, reducing the time needed to create high-quality datasets. Combined with CloudFactory's specialised expertise, the acquisition is expected to provide all users with all the key components needed to rapidly develop powerful AI models in the future.

“We're seeing our most successful clients shift from manual data labeling to AI-assisted labeling, and from a model-centric to a data-centric approach,” said Mark Sears, CEO of CloudFactory. For these reasons, he said, the acquisition of Hasty is the right move to help customers successfully and quickly deploy vision AI. 

The Osborne Clarke team that jointly represented CloudFactory is from both Germany and the United Kingdom. The German part was led by Maximilian Vocke and consisted under the partner responsibility of Robin Eyben (both corporate / M&A) of Robert Marx (corporate / M&A), Dr. Matthias Kloth, Robert Briske, Dr. Marius Tillwich, Philip Funke, Louisa Hartig (all IP law), Dr. David Plitt, Dr. Sebastian Lilje (both labour Law), Dr. Hendrik Schöttle, Cédric Ludwig (both IT Law), Dr. Jens Wrede, Jan-Niklas Buttermann (both tax Law) and Neil Weaver (data protection).

Justin Starling and his team, comprising Fern Tawera (Corporate), Anika Chandra and Rhiannon Jones (both Incentives), were responsible for the UK part of the transaction.

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