Osborne Clarke for Good is Osborne Clarke's framework for ensuring ESG commitments. Find out more about what we are doing in Italy.


#FindTheOrangeOnlus is a non-profit organisation founded by Osborne Clarke’s partners in Italy. It finances scientific research projects, with particular attention to the areas of technology and digital business, in support of healthcare.


The environment, every day

Carbon neutrality

We have obtained the ISO 14064-1 certification. We measure and certify our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) annually in orderto plan and implement effective strategies to reduce these.

Sustainable mobility

We contribute to the City of Milan's commitment to sustainable mobility, thanks to the firm's bike sharing fleet composed of traditional and electric bikes. A small e-charging station for electric vehicles has also been installed in the Milan office courtyard. We only use local taxis and document courtiers that guarantee the use of electric/hybrid vehicles or bicycles.

Environment & Territory

The building in which our Milan headquarters are located is currently awaiting BREAAM certification, one of the most widespread design standards in the world in terms of the evaluation of the environmental impact of buildings according to principles of green building.  We sponsor and cover the costs to maintain a green area in Milan's city centre. We support and take part in reforestation projects in collaboration with Forestami.

Electricity consumption

We are also in the process of changing our electricity procurement, favouring renewable sources.

Water, paper & plastic

Our drinking water dispensers are all attached directly to the mains: everyone has their own aluminium thermos for refilling and this allows us to avoid all forms of packaging. Water for our clients is provided in recyclable Tetra Pak containers purchased from a B Corporation. We have eliminated other forms of single-use plastic: from coffee cups to cutlery and gadgets. Cigarette ends are recycled through the innovative start-up project  Re-Cig®. Client files are entirely digitalised, and any documents that need to be printed are printed on recycled paper.


The Call to Action open to the entire Osborne Clarke team in Italy that awards a prize to the person who brings the best idea to make the firm - in its three offices in Milan, Rome and Busto Arsizio - even more sustainable.

Our people, always

Talent & Inclusivity

Together with a leading company in the field of organisational psychology, we have started a project that places skills and shared values at the heart of the firm's growth strategy, helping us to define the values that distinguish our culture and to develop coherent and inclusive professional growth paths. 

Gender parity

We support and actively participate in the projects promoted by Valore D, the first association of companies and professional firms that promotes gender balance and an inclusive culture for the growth of businesses.

Meritocracy & Transparency

We have developed an evaluation model that gives value to soft skills and that is based on criteria of transparency and merit. In addition, our mentoring programme is always active: a professional and personal development tool adopted to support young professionals through one-to-one meetings between an experienced mentor and a young mentee.


#FindTheOrangeOnlus is a non-profit organisation founded by Osborne Clarke’s partners in Italy. It finances scientific research projects, with particular attention to the areas of technology and digital business, in support of healthcare. Here are some of our main projects.

We support the PhD programme in Bioengineering, Bioinformatics and Health Technologies at the University of Pavia, co-funding a research grant for the development of innovative computation methodologies for the diagnosis and treatment of congenital coronary diseases. Find out more >

We organise inhouse charity markets to resell electronic devices, old furniture and other material that can still find a new home and be reused.

We take part as speakers at round tables, workshops and seminars dedicated to increasing awareness of key legal issues.

Our Italian ESG champions

Valeria Veneziano - Environmental
Federica Greggio - Social
Riccardo Roversi - Governance