Osborne Clarke's commitment to environmental sustainability continues and grows stronger both in Italy and internationally.

In Italy, Osborne Clarke has launched OC Green Walk: the App that reports on the CO2 emitted during business travel and rewards its most virtuous staff in terms of adopting sustainable forms of transport.

Valeria Veneziano, Counsel and ESG Champion for the Environmental area in Italy: 'This initiative aims to raise awareness and promote the adoption of virtuous behaviour. The App is used on a voluntary basis and staff take part in an internal contest that rewards those who - on a monthly and six-monthly basis - achieve the highest CO2 savings by choosing sustainable means of transport'.  

Riccardo Roversi, Managing Partner and ESG Champion for the Governance area in Italy: "The firm reports and certifies greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on an annual basis according to ISO14064-1 and the numbers, in line with the characteristics of the sector, highlight the non-negligible role of commuting and business travel. The App lies alongside other initiatives, such as the fleet of OC bicycles and the electric vehicle recharging station in the Milan courtyard, which aim to encourage sustainable mobility'.

In continuation with the awareness-raising objective from which the project stems, the App is available free of charge to any organisation interested in involving its employees - with its own internal company rankings - in an internal competition based on sustainable commuting.

At international level, Osborne Clarke recently formalised the medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The firm has presented a short-term commitment to reduce emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 and a long-term commitment to reduce emissions by at least 90 per cent by 2040. The commitments are currently being validated by SBTi.

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