Supporting innovation in therapies and contributing to the improvement of patient’s quality of life, I have been working for more than 20 years as a lawyer at international firms and In-House Legal & Compliance Senior Director in the Medtech and Biotech industry.

As a regulatory and compliance expert, Thomas has an extensive practice in global and cross-functional projects at most steps of the health products’ life cycle. He provides legal support (advising, drafting regulated contracts and leading related litigations) for products’ development and therapeutic value demonstration (regulatory licenses, market access) and products’ distribution and commercialisation (supply chain, promotion, sales, vigilance and recalls).

Thomas is also often called on for his trusted advices in ethical matters, supporting Leaders of the Life Sciences Sector so they drive projects appropriately in interactions with Health Care Professionals, Health Care Organisations and Patient’s communities (Health Products Ethics and ABAC). 

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

Advising Leaders of the Life Sciences Sector, I contribute to the digital transformation of the Industry and related services supporting digital health projects for the ultimate benefit of patients, improving their hospital care journey and optimizing National Health Insurance related costs.

EU Based Biotech in rare diseases

Advised on access to the Health Data Hub (public patients’ data base) for research on rare disease to better understand the pathology and improve its diagnostic.

US Medtech

Advised on the commercialization of a Digital Therapy Solution combining testing reagents, connected medical devices and web-platform for diagnostic results sharing and follow up / improvement of the diagnostic of hospital-acquired infection; as well as Covid 19.


Support Global Ethics & compliance program and local implementation in EU countries.


Advised and negotiated tenders for the supply of the new generations of Cell Therapies Pharma Products (“Car T Cells”).