Supporting innovation in therapies and contributing to the improvement of patients’ quality of life, Thomas has worked for almost 20 years as both a lawyer with international firms and in-house Legal Director in the medtech and biotech industries.

Thomas is a trusted advisor for world leaders in the life sciences and healthcare sector, supporting his clients with regulatory and compliance expertise. As such, he brings two decades of practical experience to global and cross-functional projects, covering all stages of a health product’s life cycle.

He provides legal support (advising, drafting regulated contracts and leading related litigations) on product development and therapeutic value demonstration (regulatory licenses, market access) and product distribution and commercialisation (supply chain, promotion, sales, vigilance and recalls). At the same time, he is a key partner for compliance officers, advising on ethical issues, leading internal audits and investigations, and representing directors and officers in court proceedings.

Thanks to his expertise, he is also an active contributor to the digitalisation of the life sciences sector, playing a key role in the ongoing development of digital marketing apps and web platform that connect healthcare practitioners to patient communities, and connected medical devices and software, along with health database research programmes.

In a high-profile career, Thomas has advised businesses that range from US-based global medtech leaders and European big pharma companies to cutting-edge medtech and biotech innovators who are driving digital transformation throughout the industry.

He is also helping to shape regulation, contributing to the rules governing interactions between the life science industry and healthcare professionals, and the French regime on awareness trial usage (ATUs) for the compassionate use of non-authorised pharmaceutical products.