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Media Matters Podcast Series

Published on 11th Jul 2023

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The Media Matters podcast series delves into some of the key legal issues affecting the media and entertainment industry.

Episode 1: What the UK's Gambling White Paper means for sports sponsorship and broadcasting.

We take a look at recent developments in UK gambling regulation and how these will impact those in the gambling, sports and broadcasting sector.

Episode 2:  How concerned should subscription content providers be about the UK's Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill.

We take a deep dive into the key issues in the DMCC for those in the media sector, focusing on the proposed subscription contracts regime and the risks posed to video-on-demand and other subscription-based digital entertainment services. 

Episode 3: UK Draft Media Bill: Taking a look at the public service broadcasting aspects of the Media Bill

As part of our series on the Draft Media Bill, TK Spiff is joined by Alex Aisthorpe to discuss the proposed public service broadcasting (PSB) reforms. The two discuss the new PSB prominence rules, as well as a wider conversation on how the planned reforms seek to protect and promote the UK's public service broadcasters.

Episode 4: UK Draft Media Bill: A discussion on the digital PSB prominence framework

As part of our series on the Draft Media Bill, TK Spiff is joined by Pippa Smith to discuss the UK's long-awaited proposal to secure prominence for public service broadcaster content and services on digital platforms.

Episode 5: UK Draft Media Bill: Taking a look at the Smart Speakers aspects of the Media Bill 

As part of our series on the Draft Media Bill, Jamie Heatly is joined by TK Spiff to discuss the Media Bill proposals intended to capture smart speakers and other connected audio-selection platforms.

Episode 6: UK Draft Media Bill: Video on Demand reform - jurisdiction, rules and accessibility

As part of our series on the Draft Media Bill, TK Spiff is joined by Jamie Heatly and Pippa Smith to discuss the significant proposed reforms to the video-on-demand regime in the UK, including the creation of standards and accessibility codes aligned with the rules for TV broadcasters and the extension of territorial scope to include non-UK services.


* This article is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.

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