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COP15 | Why biodiversity is vital for businesses worldwide

A global agreement on stemming the collapse of ecosystems and reducing levels of biodiversity loss is the priority

COP27 | Negotiations culminate with a historic agreement on loss and damage

What are the main points of the final agreement and the highlights of the last week of the UN climate
Artificial intelligence

How the interface between AI and net zero is shaping up in the UK and beyond

Can artificial intelligence transform energy efficiency and help businesses achieve their net-zero objectives?

What role can public and private finance play in decarbonising the global economy?

How the transition to net zero is funded will be critical to the success of climate change policy implementation

COP27 | Sharm-el-Sheikh climate pledges pave way for final week of global talks

What happened in the first week of the UN climate change summit and what is on the agenda ahead?

Looking back on COP26 and ahead towards COP27: what to expect

With COP27 taking place one year after the previous climate conference, our panel of experts discussed the background and predictions
Banking and finance

Availability of working capital remains a priority for SMEs in 2022

Asset-based lending and working-capital products are crucial as businesses recover from the pandemic and implement sustainability plans
Intellectual property

Global patent disputes shadow the rise of solar energy

Technological advances are transforming solar into an increasingly viable renewable option, but the progress has come with a growth of

COP26 | What did it mean for net zero standards and carbon offsetting?

As increasing numbers of companies and states publish net zero targets and use carbon offsetting, there is a growing demand
Financial Services

Finance goes green: UK plans roadmap to sustainable investing

The government has issued a further call to action to the financial sector, aiming to put climate and environmental considerations

COP26 | How innovation will decarbonise and transform cities and the built environment

The Glasgow summit showed that there is global ambition to accelerate innovation in cities and industry and the next step

COP26 | What opportunities emerged for private finance at the Glasgow summit?

The private sector has more clarity on the actions and amounts needed to achieve net zero but now awaits details