About us

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world.

Succeeding together?
For us it's a question of culture.

In many ways we give you exactly what you'd expect from a successful international legal practice.
And in many others we give you far more.

Ticking the boxes
We have an international presence, with offices across Europe and Asia – and we provide on the ground support to US clients looking to expand overseas.
We have hundreds of highly qualified legal experts working across key industry sectors.
We work with some of the world's best known companies who are market leaders in their own right.
We’ve been around for centuries (since 1748 to be exact).
Breaking the mould


We’re proud of our reach, our people and our heritage. But these are all things you should expect to hear from any truly successful law firm.

So what really sets us apart? It’s our future focus. And it’s our culture.

Our clients tell us time and time again that we’re approachable, knowledgeable and straightforward. They say it’s a big part of what they like about us, and why they’d choose us again. They know we deliver on client service and sector-based knowledge. But they also know we do all we can to give them the right advice today, to help them succeed tomorrow.

Being future focused is part of who we are. It’s our unique culture that helped us step away from stuffy stereotypes and be brave enough to break the mould. To be courageous enough to seek out new ways of delivering value, expertise and insights to our clients, and to create a great working environment that attracts top talent.

Finding new solutions in a changing world

We’re listeners, innovators and problem solvers, finding new ways to join the dots between your challenges today and the opportunities being created in an ever-evolving, ever-developing global society.

We’ll help you succeed in tomorrow’s world, through agile, insightful solutions, ground-breaking legal planning and a passion for bringing about meaningful, positive change.

We’re also great believers that the law doesn’t just regulate the industries and sectors to which it applies. It actually helps to define new possibilities in them.

That’s why pioneers and leaders in their field come to us for their legal services, recognising a shared spirit of entrepreneurship and commercial courage.

Enjoying what we do, and helping you do the same

As a group of people, we’re a little different too. We’re light on rigid hierarchies and inflated egos, and high on energy and ambition. For us, formality has had its day – enjoying what we do, and making sure you do too, is what matters.

So our culture welcomes diversity. Promotes creativity. Celebrates success. With you and for you.

Around the world

North America
And more...
In addition to the locations listed above we have experts working in specialist International groups who are able to provide advice on key international markets including: Middle East, India, Russia/CIS and Turkey
  850+ talented lawyers
working with 260+ expert Partners
in 24 international locations
advising across 8 core sectors
with 1 client-centric

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