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Osborne Clarke Solutions | Helping clients meet their unmet needs

Published on 12th Nov 2018

Osborne Clarke Solutions (OCS) is about transforming your relationship with Osborne Clarke through the use of shared technology. The team adopt a pioneering approach to shaping, using and sharing legal services technology to give you new levels of control of your work and data.

The industry-recognised team was established in 2015 by Corporate Partner Dan Wright. Dan decided to move his focus away from corporate finance and M&A to concentrate full time on how Osborne Clarke could improve our service delivery and help transform the relationships we had with clients, through the use of legal technology. He also wanted to explore entirely new products and services, designed with clients, to provide the help that businesses are increasingly asking for. He and his team have various coding, business process, and design skills, to complement their many years of experience of delivering legal services. This is a great combination of abilities, which enables the team to build fast, and deliver working tools quickly, which can then evolve and improve as needs change. With the support of his fellow Partners he has set about disrupting Osborne Clarke rather than waiting to be disrupted by others.

The result is Osborne Clarke Solutions. Dan has created a team of lawyers and technologists who work with you to co-create bespoke cloud based platforms that are built around the business's needs. The team focus people-first in designing and delivering online tools that will help relieve the areas of pain that you experience in its day-to-day legal work. The platforms don’t just focus on legal work either. Increasingly, Dan's team are working beyond law to create platforms that are being used across an organisation, and by third party stakeholders, to better deliver practical solutions to businesses' unmet needs.

How does it work?

The OCS team will meet with you to discover what your areas of pain are, map out your processes and discuss the platform development phases. Once we have completed the initial build, you will have a platform that will enable you to, if you wish, instruct Osborne Clarke online, manage and track your projects in real-time, share information with your key stakeholders and capture valuable data for enhanced reporting, data visualisation, analysis and improvement. Through feedback and constant evaluation, the team will work with you to further develop your platform by refining functionality to ensure it continues to deliver for you to enable continued efficiency improvements.

Our platforms increasingly enable clients to take more control of their matters, and also enable them to execute more of their work themselves where wanted. Some of our platforms enable clients to automate documents, and run multi-party workflows throughout the life of a deal, as well as managing workloads and projects across multiple jurisdictions.

The value to you

You have access to a device-responsive single source of truth that can save you time and money, contribute to operational efficiency and excellence in Legal and elsewhere, and help better manage risk and identify trends in your information.

OCS has already successfully created, launched and continually develop platforms for a range of businesses in Europe, operating across numerous jurisdictions and sectors. Those businesses have told us that their platforms have resulted in a number of benefits, including:

  • e-mail traffic on large transactions being cut in an instant and replaced with real-time simultaneous access to information for multiple stakeholders;
  • legal teams being liberated from administrative tasks and enabled to provide improved strategic advice to the wider business;
  • greater transparency for in-house counsel over all their matters;
  • overall cost and time reductions;
  • greater visibility and control over costs and risks for the legal function; and
  • a faster and more efficient approach to legal project workflow.

Want to know more?

Dan has created an excellent video which explains how Osborne Clarke Solutions is working with businesses to help meet their unmet needs. Please do also have a look at the team's webpages where you can read a couple of client case studies.

OCS is soon going to be launching in the US. Our team will be more than happy to meet with you to learn more about the day to day legal pain points you experience and to demonstrate to you how our platforms can help alleviate those problems.


* This article is current as of the date of its publication and does not necessarily reflect the present state of the law or relevant regulation.

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