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Transforming relationships through shared technology

Our pioneering approach to shaping, using and sharing legal services technology gives you unrivalled levels of control.

Osborne Clarke Solutions has the power to transform the way you work. Not just within your legal services – but throughout your organisation as a whole, across the UK and internationally.

How? It’s simple.

Our industry-recognised team will work with you, by using design thinking, to co-create a bespoke platform that is built around your needs. The platform will be developed to provide you with a practical solution to your real problems. Your whole team can track projects in real-time, share information with key stakeholders, capture and discover insights from your data, and all parties involved can deliver their work online.

By bringing all of your information together in one place, we help meet your unmet needs. A single source of truth across multiple devices that can save you time and money.

The result?

Greater transparency, greater control over cost and risk, and a faster, more efficient approach to legal project workflow. Making technology the enabler can be truly transformational to your business, helping you deliver greater operational value to your business as a whole – how and where you need it.

Discover our bespoke products



Real time deal data at your fingertips

DealManagement brings all your deal information together in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Make sifting through emails and draft documents a thing of the past. DealManagement gives you and your stakeholders a single, authoritative view of deal progress via a simple dashboard that drives alerts and requests for each action, when needed.

Your information remains online after completion, forming a coherent record of the deal which you can access later. So rather than searching through archives and multiple historic versions, you and your team can save time by accessing everything in a single, searchable location.

Documents and issues lists are taken online to be managed interactively in real time, whenever you want, wherever you are, from any device – helping you work more efficiently, and deliver greater value to your business.



Organise. Prioritise. Utilise. Make your data work harder

MatterManagement is a versatile tool that lets you track and manage information, as it happens.

Traditionally, law firms are the gatekeepers to important information, which you can only access through them. That’s not our style.

We believe projects work better when information is easily accessible and available 24/7. So we created MatterManagement, a simple dashboard designed to help you, your team and your stakeholders access and control valuable information, wherever, whenever.

See the projects we’re working on, and manage your own projects. Keep track of your team’s progress and automatically approve processes – all in real time. You can also see and share financial updates, trigger alerts and approval processes automatically – and analyse your data better with clear, easy to understand visualisations.



Making your workflows work harder

ProcessManagement saves you time and resources. How? By digitising your selected processes and giving you greater control, which in turn helps you manage risk, ensure consistency and gather useful data as you go.

With ProcessManagement, you can create instructions for us, your team members and other stakeholders, online.

We embed our legal knowledge into the workflow to make sure everything produced is efficient, consistent and geared towards improving your organisation’s processes and risk management.

You can check in and view the status of any matter, whenever you want. You can also automate reports and other documents as needed, saving you and your team valuable time. Everyone involved will receive notifications throughout each task to ensure matters are managed efficiently, and that everyone is constantly up-to-date.

ProcessManagement also allows both you – and us – to collect information on past matters, analyse it, and use the findings to iteratively improve processes over time.



Helping you thrive in a changing world

ComplianceManagement is the easy way to stay on the right side of regulators’ requirements.

As compliance rules tighten, it’s important now more than ever to meet regulatory demands. But we also know this task is both time-consuming, and littered with misleading information.

ComplianceManagement is a time-saving tool that helps you and other stakeholders across jurisdictions stay on top of regulatory information and demonstrate compliance at any time.

With workflows, status maps and dashboards, this online tool goes beyond simply giving you obligation updates and advice. It embeds your compliance plan, and helps you interactively manage tasks from start to finish.

Digitising your approach to key compliance management brings a host of other benefits, including Q&A, alerts, approvals and notifications. It also allows you to effectively gather and store a body of evidence, which you can then use to produce reports and present for inspection at a later date – just in case.



Work smarter, not harder

A connected approach to asset management

AssetManagement simplifies the management of multiple assets – saving you time, and money.

Our platform uses AssetManagement, a bespoke approach that simplifies the management of multiple assets. It means you can spend less time on repetitive admin, and give more of your attention to strategic or revenue-earning tasks.

This simple tool allows stakeholders – such as letting agents, managing agents, fund managers, insurers and lawyers – to follow agreed workflows, share information, automate documentation, and post their elements of the work online. This ensures each matter has a clear workflow, from start to completion.

The result? Everyone can see and use each other’s actions, in real time. This helps deliver more consistency, better risk and cost management, and greater value for your business – all while reducing the time the asset is in play. It also allows you to capture and analyse data, helping us, you, and other stakeholders learn and improve along the way.

Introducing the team

Dan Wright
Lead Partner, UK
Contact Dan

Dan is a partner in Osborne Clarke and was a practising corporate lawyer for 15 years.

Dan is now focused full-time on innovation and leads Osborne Clarke Solutions- a new team of ex-lawyers and technologists who, enabled by technology, sector knowledge and strong relationship management skills, work directly with clients to build practical solutions to real problems.

Gereon Abendroth
Partner, Germany
Contact Gereon

Gereon advises IT and technology companies on commercial and civil law issues. He has comprehensive experience in drafting and negotiating project contracts.

Gereon is head of the Service Innovation department in Germany and focusses on legal tech solutions, such as document automation and digital legal project management.

Hendrik Müller
Associate, Germany
Contact Hendrik

Hendrik advises clients in the IT, technology, and media industry including project management, contract drafting and outsourcing.

When delivering services to clients, he takes advantage of suitable legal tech tools, such as document automation and digital legal project management.

Rhianne Armstrong
Solutions Manager, UK
Contact Rhianne

Rhianne specialises in document automation and the development of bespoke client focused online platforms. She has a particular focus on the financial services sector.

Rhianne recently spent six months on secondment to the firm's Contract Express working group where she was responsible for document automation of the banking and finance team's precedents.

Prior to joining the team, she practised for a number of years as a banking lawyer within the financial services sector.

William Devenish
Solutions Manager, UK
Contact William

William specialises in developing client platforms and legal services technology.

He has a particular interest in working with clients undertaking transactional work to develop bespoke platforms that will make the transactional nature of a deal easier.

He is currently on secondment from the firm's banking and finance team where he was an associate specialising in acquisition finance with a focus on the digital business and financial services sectors.

Alex Davy
Solutions Senior Assistant, UK
Contact Alex

Alex's expertise lies in developing bespoke online platforms with an emphasis on process and legal project workflows.

He has developed and worked on a variety of innovative and successful client platforms.

Alex has a particular interest in developing platforms for the Real Estate and Infrastructure sector clients having previously practised in the firm's Real Estate department.

Thomas Stone
Solutions Assistant, UK
Contact Thomas

Thomas specialises in legal services technology, with an emphasis on developing cloud based client platforms.

He has a particular interest in exploring how emerging technologies can be leveraged to provide real-world value to in-house legal teams.

Prior to joining the team, Thomas was a real estate paralegal focussing on the telecoms sector.

Anna Krekorian
Solutions Assistant, UK
Contact Anna

Anna works with current Osborne Clarke Solutions clients to ensure that their bespoke platforms are maintained and developed.

Anna also assists with the development of platforms for new clients.

Prior to joining Osborne Clarke Solutions, Anna worked in the firm's real estate department.

Sophie Perissere
Solutions Assistant, UK
Contact Sophie

Sophie's expertise lies in creating bespoke cloud based platforms for clients serviced by Osborne Clarke's European offices.

Sophie splits her time between all of our European offices, meeting clients on the ground in the relevant jurisdiction to understand their processes and areas of pain before developing platforms.

Terri Smith
Solutions Senior PA, UK
Contact Terri

Terri is the Senior PA for Osborne Clarke Solutions. She is increasingly involved in the development of bespoke client focused solutions.

Terri has worked at Osborne Clarke for 12 years and currently combines her Osborne Clarke Solutions role with being a Senior PA for the firm's knowledge lawyers.

Poppy Macleod
Solutions PA, UK
Contact Poppy

Poppy is a PA in Osborne Clarke Solutions. She predominately works for Dan Wright and is the key contact for his clients.

Poppy splits her time between being Dan's PA and also a PA in the firm's banking and finance team. She joined Osborne Clarke in 2016.

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