Funding the transition to a low carbon future

Our financial system is rapidly transforming as we strive to decarbonise our economy.

Decarbonising across all industries and sectors will require unprecedented investment in green and low carbon technologies, infrastructure and services. Using different types of finance to make these investments will be central to realising and achieving the 2050 net zero goals.

At the same time, the finance sector is at the forefront of ensuring the integrity of green finance and that climate related risks are a normalised feature of corporate decision making. Globally accepted standards on risk reporting and impact and performance measurement are key to keeping trust, allowing fair comparison and helping to avoid greenwashing.

At Osborne Clarke, we help our clients to understand and adopt innovative green financial products and platforms. We also work with financial institutions to help them to understand the liability and risk involved in green investments.

Our specialists work in cross-sector and cross-service line teams to ensure that our clients have access to all the expertise they need to understand the structure for investment (whether by debt or equity) into all technologies, including those still in development.

Contact one of our experts to find out how we can help your business fund the transition to a low carbon future.

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