The Lazarski University Centre for Postgraduate Studies and the Osborne Clarke international law firm have signed a letter of intent on cooperation in the field of ESG. As a result, in the coming academic year 2023/2024, an MBA ESG programme will be launched, a unique one in Poland. This new programme, offered jointly, will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and will enhance the development of professional skills in the area of ESG which is becoming an increasingly important element of business strategy for enterprises. 

The processes occurring in the world economy, including in the European Union, make it quite clear that continued functioning of business cannot take place without adherence to the principles of responsibility and sustainability. Reasons for this include the growing pressure and expectations of consumers, investors, and regulations. Awareness of the risks and challenges related to environmental, social and corporate governance issues is becoming an essential part of knowledge of the managerial staff. Making right business decisions and redefining development strategies require knowledge of the ESG issues.

Counsel Agnieszka Oleksyn-Wajda, the head of MBA ESG programme 

The over eight years of experience in running the postgraduate programme in Environmental Law taking account of sustainability as well as the experience of the Sustainability & Environment Institute distinctively show the rapidly growing demand for ESG knowledge. For these reasons, as Agnieszka Oleksyn-Wajda points out, the decision has been taken to develop a comprehensive programme in this area, which will take the form of MBA studies.

Our many years of experience in developing educational programmes, our cooperation with business, industry organisations and administration, as well as our experience in market research, allow us to incorporate the latest trends and developments that are key to educational programmes. Our staff, made up of expert practitioners with a wealth of experience, is an added advantage. We will also firmly focus on ensuring that the programme is targeted at building contacts, networking, and exchanging knowledge and experience between participants.

Counsel Agnieszka Oleksyn-Wajda, the head of MBA ESG programme 

As an academic centre with its roots in legal sciences, economics, management and finance, we believe that sustainable and responsible development policy must not be excluded from their application. In collaboration with Osborne Clarke law firm, we will put a much stronger emphasis on managerial skills than in all other educational  units, with a sharp focus on understanding the essence of running a climate- and socially-sensitive business.

dr Małgorzata Gałązka-Sobotka, the Dean of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies at Lazarski University

According to Dr Katarzyna Barańska, the Head of Decarbonisation Team at Osborne Clarke Warsaw, combining such a strong academic force with the experience of lawyers from a global legal network creates a unique opportunity for executives and managers to acquire practical skills, highly sought after in the market today. 

There is no doubt that in just a few years the ESG obligations for companies will not be a novelty but rather a common practice. It is advisable to properly prepare for this change.

dr Katarzyna Barańska, Partner, Head of Decarbonisation

The MBA ESG programme lasts for 2 years, making it possible to transfer knowledge in the broadest possible scope. Graduates will be equipped with ESG knowledge as well as with skills of analysis, developing business strategies, and effective management. The detailed MBA ESG curriculum will be posted on the website of Lazarski University Centre for Postgraduate Studies at the beginning of May, and recruitment will begin then.

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