Having joined the firm in 2013, Mario Gras is regarded as a tech-savvy advisor in the launching of digital services and platforms, with a strong expertise in a wide range of related areas such as data protection, consumer protection, or financial regulatory matters. Always adopting a very business-oriented approach, Mario finds the right legal fit amidst the ever-changing digital economy that his clients navigate. His academic training on European Union and Competition law enables him to provide thorough advice in any digital matter. He is a regular lecturer and a member of the Madrid bar.

He has a robust experience in the areas of privacy, e-commerce, online advertising, digital media, telecoms, audiovisual media, distribution and payments services, acquired by providing broad legal advice to a wide range of sorts of entities from large multinational groups to thriving start-ups with new and challenging business models.

In particular, he actively cooperates in wide pan-European regularisation projects for the largest players in the digital arena concerning data protection, intellectual property, e-commerce, e-signature, consumer protection or product-specific law matters.

Also, he is involved in the launch and daily advice of financial products into the Spanish market advising on regulatory and legal requirements (PSD, EMD, AML).

Helping you succeed in tomorrow's world

I truly believe that digitalisation is a pre-condition for acting in today's economy. Accompanying our clients in their digitalisation processes has proven to be a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge that can take both parties to the forefront of technology and innovation.